The Gluten Free Revolution
News! American Library Association’s Booklist names The Gluten-Free Revolution one of the "Top 10 Food Books of 2015!"

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"Jax Peters Lowell has done it again! An important book that covers all the bases…Beautifully written, an absolute joy to read." -- Alicia Woodward, Editor-in-Chief, L.W. Gluten-Free & More

"Such a lot of information of such good quality.  A must for those who plan on going gluten-free!" -- Peter HR Green, MD, Director Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University

"With disarming wit and authoritative command of science and research, Lowell's positive, uplifting, can-do spirit is absolutely contagious." -- Kristina M. Johnson, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Women's Health

"Chatty, funny, and practical… an information-packed winner." -- Booklist Starred Review (read full review)

"Empowering and terrifically entertaining –a roadmap for a successful gluten-free life." -- Marilyn Geller, CEO, Celiac Disease Foundation

"A wise and funny encyclopedia. Poet and pragmatist, Jax Lowell has created a rich gluten-free stew of what matters most for a good life with celiac disease." -- Martin J. Blaser, MD, author Missing Microbes, Director, Human Microbiome Program, NYU

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