Books by Jax Lowell

The Gluten Free RevolutionThe Gluten Free Revolution
Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about Losing the Wheat, Reclaiming Your Health, and Eating Happily Ever After

An expanded, revised, and exhaustively updated 20th anniversary edition of the book that fired the first shot—a comprehensive and entertaining guide to living gluten-free. More>>

Mothers: A NovelMothers: A Novel

A story ahead of its time is now of its time.  To commemorate the historic legal strides being made for marriage equality, a new Authors Guild edition of the highly acclaimed novel  originally published by St. Martin’s Press. More>>

“With a delicate and assured touch, this poignant novel explores the meaning of love, family, and identity.” —Publishers Weekly

The Gluten-Free BibleThe Gluten-Free Bible
The Thoroughly Indispensable Guide to Negotiating Life without Wheat

The runaway bestseller that, until now, was the definitive guide to the gluten-free lifestyle, an exhaustively revised and updated edition of Against The Grain.  If you own either of these books, you’ll want to take a look at  The Gluten-Free Revolution, a groundbreaking  20th anniversary edition with all the newest information, cutting edge research, food you never dreamed of, virtually every aspect and issue of our brave new, health-aware and gluten-conversant world.

Against the GrainAgainst the Grain
The Slightly Eccentric Guide to Living Well Without Gluten or Wheat

Now a collectors’ item, the first-ever resource guide for surviving without wheat or gluten in an America still in the dark about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Hang on to your  soup-stained dog-eared copy! This is the book that started a revolution.

No More Cupcakes & Tummy AchesNo More Cupcakes & Tummy Aches
A Story for Parents and Their Celiac Children to Share

Beautifully illustrated and with a foreword by Alessio Fasano, M.D., Director of the Center for Celiac Research, this charming and emotionally honest tale, complete with resources and a real-life happy ending, will live in the hearts of parents and children for generations to come. More>>